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Ancient Guardians
Greetings Ancient Guardians
Feb 24, 09 12:23 PM
Guild Chat
Oct 20, 08 5:11 AM
Using the Forums
Oct 13, 08 10:38 AM
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Ancient Guardians is a mature based casual RP Guild that supports members in all aspects of the WoW experience.  We are always looking for more quality members to enhance our experience.

Our primary purpose is to provide a fun and friendly environment where we can game.

I believe that in helping each other we also help ourselves and that a guild is only as strong as the people that belong to it.

I believe that as a guild none of its members should want for anything we couldn't provide a means to achieving as a group.

What I want is for us as a guild is to have the best of what we want and need to make this game enjoyable to all.  To do this we all have to work together and respect each other.

- Tereb, GuildMaster

General Guild Rules:

  1. Real life comes first.
  2. Enjoy the game and have fun.
  3. Help your fellow guildies out when you can.
  4. No commitment to instances (see rule #1).
  5. All Loot is GREED before NEED from instances/raids (If you really NEED something, just ask before you need).  This way everyone has a fair chance at items that no one really needs.
  6. Main characters get priority over loot than alts.
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Greetings Ancient Guardians

daftlilman, Feb 24, 09 12:23 PM.

Greetings Ancient Guardians

  I have a few things to talk to you about first.  

  We are putting together instance runs and weekly raids for mount farming for lvl 50+ contact Dragonos, Darkgrl or Daftt for dates and times lower lvl instance runs will be done on a as need basis.

 The Guild Bank it being setup to be used on a barter basis trade what you need for what you don’t but please don’t take out of the bank and sell it on the AH


Thank you       


Guild Chat

Greg01851, Oct 20, 08 5:11 AM.
Please keep Guild Chat respectful and friendly.  We shouldn't have any guildies giving others a hard time except in fun.  Please don't hesitate to ask another guildie to 'lighten up a bit'.  If you want to hold a private chat, please either whisper or set up your own private channel (type "/join <channel name>" to create your own channel).

Extended conversation about Real Life should be taken to a private channel also, sometimes the content gets a bit inappropriate.

Guild Officers who observe any rude behavior have the right to kick the offending guild member.  We take these things seriously, but shouldn't have to.

Thank you.

Using the Forums

Greg01851, Oct 13, 08 10:38 AM.
Please use the Members Only Discussion forum if you are posting information directly related to the guild, or any personal information.  This way we can keep a bit of privacy from the casual visitor.

Use the General Discussion forum if you are posting game hints or other game only related information.

Officers Only Discussion forum, I guess that one explains itself  :)

Good to see people are signing up and using the site, that's what it's here for!
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